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Commemorative Mugs 2023

A new tradition is born based on old roots. We teamed up with the local pottery studio - Comradery Pottery, to create unique 2023 Covered Bridge Festival coffee mugs! (or whatever your ceramic drink of choice may be) There are ONLY 100 for sale, including 10 lefties. There are 6 variations in colors and with 3 artists, they all have a little different shape & customization, special to the clay artists. First come, first serve - we will sell these in the park at our Information Booth on Saturday morning. 10am! Our booth is at the base of the walking path below the Covered Bridge. There will be a limit of 2 mugs per customer. Sold for $25 a piece. No holds.

Our artists will also be just across the path in our vendor market - so make sure to visit their booth as well for more beautiful handmade ceramics or information about joining the studio. We are so excited & hope you are too. See you Saturday!!


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